Workshop 1: 'Publishing & Contemporary Women's Writing'

31 August 2013, University of Southampton

This workshop provides training in the submission, peer review, copy editing and editorial guidance linked to the publication of international, peer reviewed journal articles and academic monographs. It combines ‘how to...’ sessions about academic publishing with vocational information on careers in book, journal and electronic publishing, delivered by Clare Morton, Senior Editor, Humanities, Oxford Journals. During the day, especial emphasis will be placed on the impact of digital transformations on the publishing industry. The workshop opens with a talk delivered by Professor Clare Hanson, former Editor of the award-winning international peer reviewed journal, Contemporary Women’s Writing and will conclude with a talk delivered by Professor Mary Eagleton, Founding Chair of the Contemporary Women’s Writing Association.

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Workshop 2: 'Communicating More Effectively Within & Beyond the Classroom’

18 January 2014, Liverpool John Moores University

This workshop provides hands-on training in the use of digital technologies for teaching and wider communication purposes. The workshop opens with a talk on ‘Teaching Feminism’ by Professor Gina Wisker (University of Brighton). This is followed by a practical workshop on the use of digital and other technologies in the classroom by Dr Nadine Muller, who teaches an undergraduate module dedicated to presentation and social media skills. The day focuses on two key communication challenges: i) how to engage audiences positively on the subject of feminism, and ii) how be more creative in communicating contemporary women’s poetry to wider constituent groups. The day concludes with a choice of practice-based workshops: ‘How to Prepare and Perform for a Successful Ph.D. Viva’ (Dr Susan Watkins, Leeds Metropolitan University) or ‘Fitting Research Into Teaching’ (Professor Lucie Armitt, University of Lincoln). 

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Workshop 3: 'Careers & Employability'

22 March 2014, Leeds Metropolitan University

This event concentrates on practical advice on maximising employability, within and beyond the academy. The event begins with an experiential talk by Professor Susan Bassnett, whose own academic career includes extensive experience as a PhD supervisor, creative writing, literary criticism on women’s writing and senior management experience as a Pro-Vice-Chancellor. It will focus on the changing strategic priorities facing those who work in gender and women’s writing and connections that can be made beyond the academy through working partnerships. A practical workshop follows, led by Dr Rachel Carroll and Dr Helen Davies, on ‘Maximising your CV’ and effective and ethical self-promotion for careers, via online media such as Facebook, Twitter and blogging. The session will be practical in focus, participants being asked to submit their CVs in advance for guidance.  The afternoon sessions opens with a talk by Patrick Ingham, a specialist in interactive media and offers training in the use of digital technology and mobile platforms for employment purposes. The concluding session of the day will be facilitated by Hugo Smith, a documentary film maker, on Writing, Pitching and Accessing Media Commissioners. 

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Workshop 4: 'Creating New Audiences for Contemporary Women's Writing'

10 May 2014, University of Brighton

This workshop focuses on how to communicate research in contemporary women’s writing to new and diverse audiences, including the media. The workshop opens with a talk delivered by Professor Clare Hanson, an established specialist in the field of literature and science, who will talk across how to engage audiences from scientific disciplines. This is followed by a participatory workshop on engaging new sectors of the general public in research in this field, facilitated by Ceri Davies from the University of Brighton’s Community University Partnership Programme (CUPP). The day continues with an illustrative talk on communicating with the media by Professor Sarah Churchwell, an academic with an established history of publishing in the broadsheet press, as well as regular appearances on television and radio programmes. Contemporary women’s writing is by definition focused on living writers who are increasingly and directly engaged with the media, through interviews and television and cinematic adaptations of their work. The final session will offer advice on how to interview living writers professionally and ethically, to ensure both a productive ongoing working relationship with that writer and to maximise the impact and visibility of that connection.

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Workshop 5: 'Social Media & Digital Technologies' - 'Reflection & Practice: The Training Programme Reviewed'

19-20 July 2014, University of Lincoln

This workshop will focus on participatory sessions enabling participants to utilise new media and digital technologies. The workshop opens with a talk by Dr Yuwei Lin, a specialist in future media, and progresses to a workshop facilitated by Dr Nadine Muller, who established ‘The New Academic’, a digital resource for postgraduate and early-career researchers. Afternoon ‘hands-on’ sessions provide participants with opportunities to experiment with using new technology to facilitate new ways of communicating their research to non-academic audiences and how best to use digital archive facilities for contemporary women’s writing projects.

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